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  • Expertly Blended Multivitamins & Minerals

    Dispatch Multivitamin & Mineral Patches (for adults) contain a unique blend of 14 essential vitamins & minerals to supplement a balanced diet. Our unique formula contains Vitamins to support the proper function of the immune system; Vitamin D to help keep your bones, teeth and muscles healthy; and B complexes to support your energy levels and brain function.

  • 100% NRV

    Dispatch patches are the only multivitamin patch on the market which contains 100% NRV of every vitamin and mineral that we have expertly blended into our transdermal patches. Leaving your body supported, nurtured, and fuelled with exactly what it needs, when it
    needs it most.

  • Time Release Technology

    Our Matrix Technology suspends the micronutrients in the hydrophobic adhesive layer. It is this very technology which ensures that all micronutrients are released slowly over a 24-hour period, giving your body the support it needs throughout the whole day and night.

Dispatch Highlights

All these specs in the worlds thinnest patch

  • Matrix Technology

    Our Matrix Technology ensures the micronutrients within the adhesive layer of each patch, is absorbed slowly by the body over a 24-hour period.

  • Clear & Discreate

    Each patch is perfectly sized at 38mm to 38mm & only 80 microns; that’s only one 80th of a millimetre. Allowing
    them to be discreet as well as convenient.

  • Hydrophobic Adhesive

    Dispatch uses the best quality waterproof adhesive to make sure they stay exactly where you place them, whether you hit
    the gym or take a shower!

  • 100% Vegan & Hypoallergenic

    All our patches a fully vegan making them accessible to everyone. They are also Hypoallergenic to make sure the chances of any allergies are greatly minimised.

Benefits of Dispatch Patches

Bypass the Gut

Dispatch patches are a unique way to get your daily multivitamin & mineral supplement. They  ensure the nutrients are absorbed into the body via the skin completely by passing the digestive system.

Easy, Discrete & Convenience

Easy, discreet, and convenient to use, our patches are waterproof, sweat proof and even tell you when they need to be changed!

No Bulking Agents Fillers

Our patches eliminates the need for any bulking agent and fillers as with supplements taken orally. All you get is 100% pure Vitamins and Minerals.

How Our Patches Work

Our patches are developed using Matrix Technology which is the cutting edge development in transdermal admissions.

Recommended by Registered Doctors & Nutritionists

Easy to use and very effective; these patches contain highly absorbable nutrients that are vital for my clients struggling with deficiencies. A revolutionary product I wish I'd thought of!

What an amazing product. This really is a ground-breaking product which I look forward to recommending to my patients.

Excellent user friendly vitamin and mineral patches! Very easy to apply and discrete. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. Would definitely recommend!